Daily Nursery Routine

Here is an outline of our daily routine here at The Littlehaven Nursery.

Opening Time
Welcome all children and parents/carers, and finding out their individual requirements.
Breakfast Time
We provide a choice of healthy breakfast foods to cater for all dietary requirements.

Songs/Stories/Show & Tell
Conversation activities including: singing, the weather, stories and individual experiences and news.

Play/Learning/Development & Discovery
Children have access to a vast range of resources and activities, all designed to support their development. Children can play with friends, or alone, with support of key worker and other nursery practitioners. Outdoor play is accessible throughout the session. 
Available activities include: painting, music, singing, story sessions, puppet play, messy play activities with wet and dry sand, Play-Doh, pasta and water play, dressing up and role play, use of bikes, scooters and climbing equipment and building blocks. IT equipment (including: cameras, video recorders, tablets/iPads, calculators and computers) treasure baskets, boxes and musical instruments. Sport sessions - running, jumping, parachute play, balls, hoops, bean bags etc. Other resources are made available according to age and the childs stage of development.

Lunch and Snack times
We provide a range of healthy snacks including fresh fruit & vegetables, tasty nibbles and full hot/cold meals. Options are made available to cater for all dietary requirements. Drinking water is always available throughout the day.

Each Childs Development
Each child's key worker plans activities to support their individual development. The worker also makes daily observations of play and progress, using these to plan the next activities for the childs learning. All of this is fed back and discussed with parents and carers on a daily basis.  Parents can also access up to date data on their child via our secure online app.

Home Time
We say goodbye to the children and parents. Parents have a chance to speak with their childs key worker, who'll discuss the day’s activities with them and make plans for the next time their child is in The Littlehaven Nursery.