Partnerships with Parents

We see caring for young children as an active partnership between parents and carers.  We recognise the importance of early interactions and that this must be a joint initiative – working together for the very best outcomes for our children. To ensure that this partnership is as fruitful as possible for the child's future development we will ensure that parents play an active role at The Littlehaven Nursery. Not just giving them the chance to feel part of their childs nursery experiences but to actively encourage their involvement as much as their circumstance will permit.

To do this, we will provide parents and carers with:

  • A daily catch-up with a staff member
  • Up to date notice boards highlighting daily activities, plans and menus
  • One-to-one meetings with their child's key worker
  • A daily diary of updates, including 'wow' moments, number of nappy changes, meals and naps etc.
  • A secure online app to see their child's progress throughout the day
  • Online app to pay fees and book extra sessions etc.
  • Regular e-newsletters highlighting news, events, activities and achievements
  • Up to date website with events, fundraisers and information on how to get involved
  • A frequently asked questions (FAQ) and useful links web page, connecting you to important information & resources.
  • Our policies & procedures are available electronically on request
  • Plus jobs, work placements & volunteer opportunities

We value any contributions and suggestions mums, dads and carers give to help us improve our services, activities and events.
Parents & carers matter so building strong and lasting partnerships with them is one of our strengths within The Littlehaven Nursery that we continuously work on and take pride in.